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Tsukiyoda Sadame no Sekai no Sukuikata

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Momorubu Volume 1 cover
Momorubu by SHIGA Haku
The Momoru Club, is full of odd people acting, well, oddly. The goal of the club it is reflected in its full name “The Liven Up The Moyama Shopping District Club”. However, most members cannot do even the most basic of service related tasks. It is good that these characters act oddly, how else are they going to liven up the Moyama Shopping District?

On-Hold Project

Shiinake no Hitobito Volume 1 cover
Shiinake no Hitobito by SHIGA Haku
One day a high school student named Haruhiko who is aiming for Tokyo University has discovered a very important secret. From the closet, appeared a beautiful girl with a black pony tail, Utsuki who came from “Moon Village” with her Ninja Troop said to him, “It’s been 7 years, master.”


Juukinzoku Kanojo Volume 1 cover
Juukinzoku Kanojo by NISHINO Katsumi x Risumai
Summary from MH
The Heavy Metal Music Group at the high school consists of just Amanokawa Rinko and the main character, a teenage boy madly in love with her. The club is intended for people who enjoy the music genre to discuss their passion for heavy metal. However, there’s only one kind of passion going on in this club house located in the outskirts of campus, and it is definitely rockin’.
Barihaken Volume 1 cover
Bari Haken
This is a story about an otaku that turns out to be the leader of a bunch of delinquents, but he’s hiding his true self. His goal, get a girlfriend who resembles his anime characters.

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